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With a Few Good Plants...

With a Few Good Plants...

Posted by PlantLady on 10th Sep 2021

Whether it’s a particular color scheme, or the ease of care, most people have something in mind when hunting down that next plant to add to their collection. Do you consider yourself a plant newbie? You might be looking for something similar to that easy care ZZ plant. Or are you a pet parent who needs a plant variety that won’t harm your fur baby when they are feeling mischievous? Calatheas are a whole genus that are pet friendly. Feeling confident about your growing green thumb and ready to try something a little higher up the difficulty spectrum than your Snake plant? Take a look at some of the unique Alocasias available in the plant world.

Looking for a guide for the plant hunt? Here’s a short list for the plants you’re looking for:

Easy peasy- 

We’ve got the usual suspects for this group. Low light tolerant and undemanding with their water needs: Snake plant, ZZ plant, Heartleaf philodendron. As a bonus plant in this group, I like the Monstera deliciosa- large leaves don’t necessarily mean a large headache as this plant is surprisingly easy to care for and in my home has similar water and light needs to my carefree heartleaf philodendron.

Pet friendly- 

Three genera provide a plethora of plants to choose for your home: the genera Calathea, Pilea, and Peperomia are all pet friendly. For some added interest, Birdnest and Staghorn ferns add structural texture while still being pet safe. You can always check the ASPCA website to look for more plants that are safe to bring home.

Plant proficient- 

Try mixing some of these medium level care plants in to round out your expanding collection- If you’ve got a bright area you’re looking to fill, Ficus ‘Tineke’ and ‘Ruby’ have great variegation and want bright indirect light for their leaves to pop (their water needs are fairly uncomplicated, too). Have a good amount of natural humidity in a bathroom, kitchen or laundry area, or willing to upgrade with a humidifier for the right plant? Calathea leaves are striking, unique and many varieties are still easy to find. These plants have a wide range of light tolerances, but most want humidity to look their best. My C. orbifolia, and Rattlesnake thrive in my humid bathroom with medium indirect light while my C. rufibarba and Freddie do just fine in my living room protected from drafts.

No matter your skill level, pick a place to start and go for it! Grow and learn from each plant and enjoy the beauty and satisfaction you can gain because with a few good plants...come a few great experiences!

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