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You’ll never compost me alive!

You’ll never compost me alive!

Posted by Family Guy on 29th Jul 2021

...says an Alocasia Polly won’t that be denied. The sheer will of most living things is not to be underestimated, yet we can be pretty quick to quit on a plant that is struggling...and usually struggling by our hand. Had we watered it or taken it out of the direct sunlight a little sooner, it would have been fine.

That is especially true in the case of a little friend of ours named Alocasia Polly, a dwarf of the striking African Mask. This plant had struggled and died back several times in our personal collection before being relinquished to the compost...not a common practice, but our relationship with this plant had been rocky from the start. Anyhow, after having rescued another of its offshoot from the top of the heap, this little trooper came growing out of one of the drainage holes.

Our guess is that we had been starving the poor plant all along and when it finally got some nutrients from the compost it was fine. This was a great reminder not to give up on a plant too early...there may be roots, tubers, or rhizomes waiting for the right environment to rise up.

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