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Corporate Gifting

Our mission is to share every plant's story and the opportunity to share with your corporate customers, partners, and employees is right in line with that mission.  We work with our larger scale customers to identify the type of experience they are looking to share and balance that vision inside the budget and timeline.  We make it easy and impactful to deliver your message to your recipients. 


Here's how we do it...


The classic gift that keeps on giving!  Subscriptions offer a spark of suprise with a healthy dose of inspiration.  Let our curated collections remind your recipients how you feel each month.  

Bulk Batches

Sometimes you need your sentiment to cover a lot of ground at once.  Let us deliver our award-winning gifts to a list of recipients, while letting each of them feel like it is all about them.

Full Custom Branding

Literally, even if it requires a branding iron, we go the extra mile to ensure that your message is delivered.  Do you have an idea?  Try us and let's succeed together...

Incentive Programs

The shape of the workplace has changed in recent times and so should our incentive programs.  We embrace new and effective techniques for the modern worker. Let us help inspire and motivate your teams.

Let's set up a time to discuss how we can reward your strategic partners with our focus on delivering positively impactful plant-related experiences.


Corporate Services Coordinator

Julie Mueller


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