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Selection & Care

What do I need to get started?

You probably have exactly what you need already. Your plant care kit can be as simple as a glass of water and a well lit perch for your new plant friend. Plants have been living for millions of years without our help, so it’s ours to overcomplicate. An elevated care kit might include sharp pruners, a misting spray bottle, and plant name tag.

Are some plants better for beginners than others?

Yes, we’ve selected a handful of varieties that we consider to be “Easy Breezy” and would make great early additions to your collection. In fact, you can filter all of our plants by their Ease Of Care rating.

Do you offer pet friendly plants?

Yes, we do. It’s true, not all plants are safe for pets to ingest, so we’ve added a search filter to help you find the right plants for you and your pets.

Do I need a container?

No, your plant can continue to live in it’s plastic grow pot for an extended period. For the healthiest and fastest growing plants, we recommend repotting your plant in a slightly larger container with fresh potting mix.

Do you offer complete planting kits?

Yes, we have gift kits that include everything you need. Additionally, we have plant combos and tool combos that cover the basics of your planting needs. Also, in the product photos we recommend items that pair well with your choice of plant.

What kind of plants should I get?

Great question! There are a few factors to consider (space, light, time, etc...kinda trippy stuff, huh?!), so we deferred to The Plant Coach for more details:

Space - How much space do you have to dedicate to your plant collection? You can fit a lot of succulents and air plants in a small space, but garden and house plants can be considerably larger. Also, consider the humidity levels in your plants are known to thrive in high humidity areas like kitchens and bathrooms, whereas succulents excel in dry areas near doorways and air vents.

Light - What kind of light sources affect your spaces? Filtered sun through window curtains can be great for many types of houseplants and can be supplemented with LED grow lights. Patios and porches with some direct sunlight can be ideal for succulent and perennial plants. You can (and should) test your own light levels using an inexpensive light meter or even an app on your smartphone. We learned a lot by trying out a simple free light meter app and cross-referencing our results with this chart from the University of Florida…

Time - How much quality time are you able to spend with your plant friends?! During the honeymoon period you will want and need to spend more time getting to know each other’s preferences and patterns. Once you establish a routine, proper care will take less time, but there are some plants that will want more of your love than others...
Air plants are the most tolerant of neglect and can even develop stunning blooms before you return for their next round of care. Succulents, too, can hang tough during your extended vacations, but do appreciate regular watering during the summer growing season. House plants can vary in their need for regular care, so more detailed routines should be established.

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