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Every Plant Has A Story


We create monthly subscription boxes to tell plant stories.  It is our passion, our pleasure, and our honor.  Each collection is carefully packed and delivered in gift quality packaging.  Your monthly "Plant Mail" includes everything you need including a decorative container, custom blend potting mix, simple assembly instructions, and other curious extras.

Did we mention that they are fun to share?  Whether saying thank you, HBD, Congrats! or Happy Holidays, we think you've found the perfect gift for loved ones and even the occasional "liked" ones.  We pack them as gifts and make them easy enough for newbs.

New Subscription Orders ship week of 12/13 (to arrive before Christmas)
Use code JAN10 to ship week of 1/10/22
Regular Product Orders ship in 24-48 hours
Contact us for schedule requests

Join the club and we'll go pick out the perfect plant to get you started...

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